Our golf academy offers an unrivalled range of services and the best equipment in the Czech Republic.

At Albatross we strive to provide the highest standards of golf coaching delivered by top class golf professionals while using the latest technology available including video swing analysis, the Swing Monitor, HearthMath software, the Sam PuttLab ultrasound putting system and many others. The state of the art putting and fitting studio is an essential part of the academy. The studio combines the latest technologies with professional coaching and expert advice based on the collected data.

Our team of golf coaches are renowned golf professionals with a great deal of experience of playing in domestic and international golf tournaments.

Our coaches enjoyed successful playing careers and have many years of experience in managing tailored coaching programmes.

The Albatross Golf Academy Golf Coaches:

David Carter (World Cup and Irish Open winner),

Zuzana Mašínová (1st Czech member of Ladies European Tour)

Denisa Sobotková (3rd ranked player in the Czech PGAC rankings) ,

Lukáš Tintěra (European Challenge Tour player),

Milan Vantuch (currently undertaking the Czech PGA programme)

Vladimír Gregor (fully qualified PGA member)

Paula Foubíková (fully qualified PGA member)


In addition to the standard golf lessons the academy offers specialised training such as course management, fitness preparation, mental coaching and body testing. These programmes are designed to improve your physical capabilities in relation to the golf swing.

Please check the current offers from the golf academy and the range of coaching programmes available in the Golf Coaches section.

It has been demonstrated that regular, intensive and targeted training can help to improve your golf game. If you are interested in improving your golf game there are many reasons to try our services.



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Telefon: +420 311 549 570


We are interested in your feedback. We welcome any suggestions as to widening the selection of programmes and services in our portfolio.


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