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The Club Match Play Championship 2024





1. Competition type and description:

Match Play by the official rulles of golf without a handicap compensation. Each match play is played for 18 holes. In case of a draw result even after the 18th hole the game will continue from the hole N 1 until the final result.

Measuring devices: YES               Caddy: YES                          Buggy: NO

2. Categories: men and women

3. Course: Albatross Golf Resort,

+9 - 5 hcp males white tees

5,1 - 36 hcp males yellow tees,

+9 - 5 hcp females blue tees

5,1 - 36 hcp females red tees


4. Participation requirements:

The Club Match Play is only intented for the members of Albatross Golf Club. Only amateur players are allowed to take part. Only players who have registered until 10. 5. 2024 12:00 at the Reception desk, via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person at club´s notice board can be admitted into the Match Play bracket.

The maximum amount of entries is limited to 32 males and 16 females. In case of a larger number of registrations (32/16) the current lower HCP will decide. Regitrations are posibble for all propper members above 14 years old. One half of the players will be set according to the handicap, the other half will be selected at random. Player pairings will be drawn on 11. 5. 2024.

Competition round dates are set followingly:

Men (32/16/8 players):

1. round (32):       12. 5. –   2. 6. 2024  

2. round (16):       4. 6. –   30. 6. 2024

3. round (8):         2. 7. –  28. 7. 2024

Semifinal:            30. 7. – 22. 8. 2024

FINAL (2):            until 31. 8. 2024 


Women (8 players):

1. round (8):      12. 5. –   28. 7. 2024

Semifinal:           30. 7. – 22. 8. 2024

FINAL (2):          do 31. 8. 2024

The Albatross Match Play bracket will be continuously updated at our website. It will be also displayed at the club´s notice board at the Reception.

How to challenge the opponent: 

The challenger is always a player with the higher handicap out of the particular pairing. The challenger is obliged to ensure starting times reservation. The date and time of the match has to be communicated in advance with the competition committee via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person at the Reception desk. In case that players are unable to agree on a match date, it is posibble for the challenger to get in touch with the competition committee 7 days before the end of a particular round. The committee will then set a date for the match, so that all matches are played within the set dates. The committee can also set a compensatory match date, if the reasoning for the match not taking place is due to serious or unpredictable reasons.

Contact for your opponent will be included in an automatically send email.

Match not played: 

In case that one of the playes doen´t arrive for the agreed match for reasons other than of a serious matter, it then results in him loosing and his opponent automatically progresses into the next round. If the challenger doesn´t challenge the opponent, the opponent automatically progresses. If neither one of players arrives for their match both are automatically eliminated from the competition.

Record of results:

Players will receive an authorised score card at the Reception before the match. Directy after the match ends players will turn in the results at the Reception - hand in their score card with clear results. The results have to be clear for each hole and the end final resut has to be signed by both players.


Solving of conflict:

Matches are taking place without the physical presence of a referee. Posibble disputes between players are handeled according to the rule 2-5 of the rules of golf.



Starting Fee is not required.


Final prize giving ceremony:

Winning players of each category will be annouced and will receive commemorative trophies. The winners of ech category will become the male and female champions in the Club Match Play Championship for the year 2024. The winner´s names will be engraved on the club´s trophies. The ceremonial announcment of the Match Play results will take place during the announcement ceremony of the Stroke Play Championship results.

The competition committee reserves a right for technical changes or adjustments in the tournament listing.

Competition director: Darina Muchová         Chief referee: Václav Lébl         Referee: selected for a given day

Competition committee: Darina Muchová, Kristýna Pivcová, Václav Lébl